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About Us

We are truly one-of-a-kind. We specialize in a completely vegan baked good that does not contain gluten, dairy, egg, soy or yeast. Our goods accommodate Gluten Sensitivities, Immune System Health, Celiac Disease, and Auto Immune Diseases.

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Who We Are

TOXIC ingredients can compromise your immune systme. We do not! We use Gluten-Free flours by reputable suppliers and support local markets using organic fruits and vegetables. NO artificial colors, pesticides, GMO’s or un-natural flavoring. Product is baked in a Gluten-Free kitchen by a Gluten-Free baker. Absolutely NO white flours, white sugars or processed ingredients. EVER!

Our Vision

We want to change the perception of the public about Gluten-Free desserts by using nutritious ingredients and offering delicious “on the go” Gluten-Free options. Whether you are a health conscious individual or not, we want to inform and provide convenience and accessibility to our Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Yeast, Soy, and GMO-Free products.

Our Commitment

We are committed to staying updated on nutrition and educating ourselves in the Gluten-Free climate. We work with vendors for the lowest prices we can negotiate without compromising the quality of our ingredients. We strive to be unique and creative in our Gluten-Free options and continue to provide you with outstanding customer service.

Our Promise

Many Gluten-Free businesses use additives, food coloring, processed sugars and conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables. Using these “unclean” ingredients translates to “an unclean product”, which translates to a “compromised immune system”. At No Glutes About Ut, we pay attention to health concerns along with great taste.

Kathy Turner – Owner

I realized after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease that it was only going to get worse if I didn’t start to make serious changes to my lifestyle. Food choice was the first thing needing to change.

Through the course of 20 years, I began to eliminate all Gluten products by educating myself about this disease. This led to information on Celiac’s diseasea nd Gluten intolerances. I began half-heartedly reading labels, which was another language to me at first, but it got easier after a while. The though of toxic pesticides always bothered me, so I decided to buy organic.

My husband, who is a born and bred Midwesterner, really worried that I was spending an arm and a leg on groceries, but I decided to eliminate purchasing “junk”, which helped the pockebook. As it turned out, my food choices benefited a problem he had since he was 16 years old, hemochromatosis. I discovered if I made things taste good, he was more willing to try different ingredients and I could help both of us. My Gluten-Free Kitchen was created!

The more I learned about our food industry, I became concerned and wanted to have a job that reflected my passion to benefit people and offer Gluten-Free desserts that taste moist and delicious. My first concern was my Gluten-Free customers, but the traditional taste buds are welcomed too! I felt the benefits of a Gluten, Egg, Dairy, Soy and Yeast free desserts business would be welcomed.

No Glutes

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Email: noglutesaboutit@gmail.com