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Hello Fellow Glutees,

My products are gluten, egg, dairy, soy, yeast, grain free and organic. Many of my customers cannot believe that such a product exists. So, I really need to thank my customers for this unique combination that covers a variety of sensitivities or allergies. I began with a fairly-clean product and morphed it into a super-clean product by listening to people’s needs.

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I do have to manage a business and the conversation of organic verses non-organic arose because of cost. After much thought I decided to go the whole nine yards, choosing to purchase ingredients that are organic and / or reach out to the companies I make my purchases from to inquire about how they process their product. For instance, the vanilla I use does not have an organic label, so I called to speak to the owners about why. They informed me that the FDA required a certain amount of alcohol to place a label of organic on a product and their vanilla didn’t contain the amount they required. They also reassured me that it was an organic product, they just simply could not claim it. I chose to stay with them because I love the product.

I felt as though it negated the gluten-free product if I used products that contained synthetic or toxic pesticides. As my wonderful naturopath told me, “an immune system can only wear one hat!” Just because we cannot see the harm doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Wonderful day to all until my next blog! Stay healthy!

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